Welcome to the Virtual Accelerated Copilot Enrichment program

The USAF Strategic Air Command (SAC) had T-38 Talons in service from 1978 until SAC's inactivation in 1991. These aircraft were used to enhance the career development of bomber copilots through the "Accelerated Copilot Enrichment Program." They were later used as proficiency aircraft for all B-52 and B-1 pilots, as well as Lockheed SR-71, U-2, Boeing KC-135, and KC-10 pilots. SAC's successors, the Air Combat Command (ACC) and the Air Force Global Strike Command (AFGSC), continue to retain T-38s as proficiency aircraft for U-2 pilots and B-2 pilots, respectively.

vACE puts you in the cockpit of T-38's flying from various USAF bases as part of the ACE program in the 1980s. Emphasys will be on aerobatics, cross country flying, and instrument and visual approaches, including touch and go's. Special repaints can be obtained via the links in the left portion of this page. The basic FS airframe is the T-38 Talon by FSD (freeware aircraft, see the informational pages in the mission pack document and the repaint link on the left).