Hi-speed recon is the name of the game!

Step into the cockpit of one of the most legendary aircraft ever designed: the fastest reconnaissance aircraft ever created, aka the Lockheed SR-71 "Blackbird". Fly into hot areas where you take straight-down pictures of predesignated targets like bridges, airfields and cities.

Your mission envelope will take you to medium altitude to get your fuel and from there you will be flying at 80,000 with a speed of Mach 3.2!

Start your type conversion at Beale AFB, Ca., and transfer to one of the detachments overseas: Kadena AB or RAF Mildenhall. Or fly an FCF - or Functional Check Flight - in an aircraft that has just received major maintenance, checking out major functions and annotating some key values to ensure all is okay with the bird.

So take a look at the resources you need, strap in and Godspeed!