Welcome to vNAVCAD!

vNAVCAD is a flightsim portal from which you can retrieve and fly virtual navy air training missions based on the mid-1960s curriculum. Missions include instrument training, familiarization phase, aerobatics, Field Carrier Landing Practice and Carrier Qualification.

Instrument flight training

Continue your training and enhance your flight simulation experience with the ability to fly under zero-visiblity circumstances. Download the syllabus, set your flightsim in the right conditions and prepare for some nerve-wrecking, yet satisfying desk chair flying!

Combat Air Patrol

Climb aboard your F-14 Tomcat and patrol the skies. Launch and take up station in your assigned area and start monitoring the airspace around the carrier or the airspace that has been labeled "no-flying zone" by UN mandate. Intercept air targets to verify their identity.

A-4 Skyhawk: The Legend

Fly the legendary A-4 Skyhawk. The document was derived from real life A-4 manuals and takes you through 6 flights in the famous Scooter, aka "Heinemann's Hot Rod", of Vietnam era fame. Enjoy your ride in the sports car among attack planes!

Carrier Pattern flying: day and night

Informational document that concentrates on flying around the carrier in daytime and in nighttime/reduced visibility circumstances.

Airwing page

Fixed wing download overview from well-known Flight Simulation sites that encompass aircraft types from the Korean era to today. The overview emphasizes fixed-wing jets rather than turboprops and/or helicopters. SEE THE LINK ON THE LEFT-HAND MENU.